Our Story

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Hi! I'm Aimee

I'm the founder of Love. Live. Shine., a counselor and energy healer by day and a real imperfect human being all of the time. I've been curious about human behavior and pain for as long as I can remember. I have always been deeply caring and felt small in comparison to the suffering of others. Finding my way back to compassion for others has always been very important to me so it was natural for me to become a counselor. I hoped to ease the pain of people who were suffering so that I could do my part in making the world a better place. What I forgot in the process was my own self-care, which led to a lot of pain in my life. As I have worked to reclaim myself in the process and have healed some of my own unhealthy patterns, I discovered healthier and sustainable love and what feels like a soul purpose to me and I created Love. Live. Shine. This is a healthier model of love that I am so excited to share with others!

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Meditation and Self-Regulation

Meditation and self-regulation are super important to me, in fact, this is my passion in life! I’ve been using meditation as a tool since my early 20’s and for much of that time I was meditating really unsuccessfully. What I mean by that is that I had no idea what to meditate on and I would end up feeling really overwhelmed, frustrated and worse after meditating. Once I began to use meditation intentionally, I changed my life and others began to ask me how I could help them relax and if they could record my meditations to use at home. Then, I started using essential oils to make sprays, bath fizzies and rollers at first just for myself, then I started to give them to friends and family. I wanted to share what I was learning and how it was helping me with the world and I started to notice a pattern. My friends and family wanted more and actually loved how I was combining these tools with really regulating exercises. This is how Love. Live. Shine. was born.

I’m a real-life busy mom and business owner so finding the time for yourself can be tough. But the good news is that developing a healthy self-regulation practice, which is essential to self-care does not have to take a lot of time from your day. You can use your mind intentionally and as healthier patterns develop, self-regulation gets easier! You’ll actually feel like you have more time, energy and resources as you’re developing a healthier practice. The meditations on our site are all under 15 min so you don’t have to completely stop your day to do them and once you learn some of the tools, you can use what you’ve learned to practice brief self-regulation exercises in just minutes on your own.

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Social Responsibility

Love. Live. Shine. is committed to social responsibility, meaning we come from a place of understanding that we are interconnected. We are a company that truly believes this work can change the world and we’re excited to do our part and help each one of you do yours! We mindfully craft wellness products that are powerful supporters of health and pair products with self-regulation activities. We use quality and natural ingredients like organic essential oils and homegrown herbs and they’re handmade by me with love! I really do have a lot of fun developing and making what we sell!
Our mission is to spread the power of developing a deep self-regulation practice. Our products can be paired with guided meditations and exercises available on our website  to support you in starting or deepening your own self-regulation practice. But, you need your help! You read that right... YOUR help. Our products and meditations need the power of your intention to show up more fully and imperfectly. Are you ready to get started? Browse our shop and select the products that will support you now, then visit our guided self-regulation exercises page  to begin. And because this is such a deep passion of mine, access to our self-regulation and guided meditation exercises is available to you online even if you decide not to purchase our products.