Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Do I have to use the products with the meditations and vice versa?

No, you can use our regulation exercises, meditations and products however you’d like. In fact, teaching self-regulation and inspiring others to do this is such a passion of mine, anyone can access our free meditations whether you buy our products or not. We offer suggestions because we know that when people combine the power of their intention with wellness products, real change happens! While essential oils are wonderful and have healing properties in themselves, real change is possible when you use them intentionally. You can actually work to re-wire your brain and change patterns in your life to live from a place of wholeness and safety!!

+ How long does shipping take?

We recommend that you allow 7-10 business days to receive your order and to keep in mind that we only ship on Mondays and Fridays. While you’re waiting, visit our meditations page to get started.

+ What is the dilution ratio of your products?

We dilute our essential oils to 2-4% to ensure that these products are safe for adults who want to use them regularly or occasionally.

+ What can I do if I am having trouble with the exercises and meditations?

This can happen. It happened to me when I was starting out meditating. I am a huge advocate of psychotherapy (I know I am also a therapist, but I have been a client too and I know it works!) and one route you can take is to connect with a psychotherapist who is trained in using body + mind regulation in the process and can help you develop the practice that is right for you. You can even take your favorite spray or roller into your sessions!

+ How do you come up with the blends?

I love this question!! This is one of my random gifts that I can’t really explain logically. You know how we all have at least one strange talent? (My other is pumpkin carving.) Well, I can smell an essential oil and feel how it can support an emotional shift. Then I think about what I am trying to create and experiment with different blends until it “feels” right. It’s a lot of fun for me!